Monday, October 08, 2007


I've been away for quite a while from this journal. The lack of writing made me even forget to express my every-day self. The last year of living in Dubai made me 100% be dedicated towards my work. It was a splendid experience that just passed by swiftly with a flicker of a second so to speak.

Alas, I'm back in my own country surrounded by family and friends. This hopefully will help reinitiate my comeback. I'm crossing my fingers here, 'cause I'm not promising anything. What I would like to do here, is face-lift my blog to a whole new category... I want to let the cyber world have a glimpse of my day-to-day work as a woman in a men's world... The things I do are way interesting.. so I hope you guys would like to hear all about it.

So stay tuned..


Saturday, February 24, 2007



It's been ages. Haven't realized the reappearance is quite hard to capture. But whatever heavy stuff going around me needs some documentation. This might be the way to go .

Gimme a day or two to gather my thoughts into a cannonball and then blow it all out here.

*aywa! yalla! 3afya 3alaich N.A.*

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I had to fly to Bahrain for several days for some never ending meetings.


I've done something productive before going back to Dubai this evening.

I voted!

I thought I would miss it, but I was lucky I guess!

It turned out nonnah, my brothers and I rooted for the same guys; my parents otherwise.

That's as far as I can get being political.

Happy voting day Bahrain.

Friday, November 17, 2006

I've put down a list of rules to follow. Let me see if I can meet every single one of them..

1. A little bit of cockiness and a little bit of modesty makes you execute the best job.

2. Never, ever do someone else's job even if your boss told you so, because you will never be as good as the person responsible for it. Besides, the not-so-great job you've done will definitely get you blamed at.

IF forced to do another one's job, then refer to #1.

3. Business as usual. Never should be personal.

4. Think thrice before saying something.

5. If stress is wearing you down, always sing "Don't worry! Be happy now. Don't worry, be happyy"!!

6. How do you reply for "Nighty nights"?
"See you in 12 hours"!

7. Don't ask to be part of politics. Eventually you'll be wrapped around it in no time. It will creep to you.

8. Never pre-judge. You'll hear things which 99.9% are untrue. So don't pre-judge; won't do you any good, and at least it will postpone #7.

9. Rise and shine! Always look forward to a new day.

10. Optimism and enthusiasm wooh!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


So Dr. George O'Malley is gay?! I had a thing for him. ;(

It's good to be back home for eid..

Work .. I'm loving it ..
Dubai .. I'm getting used to. I've never spent more than an hour in the apartment, well except when it's sleeping time. I've always been out doing God knows what.

Ramadhan there.. I never felt it. I mean, it wasn't that spiritual and that's quite sad isn't it?

Probably the white lies had a helping hand (waaay too sad man). I practically lied in the past 4 weeks. Gosh, I have never lied that much in my entire life. Don't get me wrong, I've been forced into it. I've got a 29 year old cousin who is as wild as a blueberry. When it's time for iftar, we sometimes plan eating out at an amazing place with a view of Madinat Jumeirah. To get away from eating iftar at my relative's house, she forces me to lie to uncle and aunt. I don't know about you guys, but my relatives hate it when we break our fast away from home-made food.

I love chilling out with her till the middle of the night with her addictive minty hookah.
She's fun alright. Fun & funny .. hmm.. a story that just keeps cracking me up whenever I remember it: she was once on a red carpet. Half way through the paparazzied lane, her thong snaps (I had to say this haah).. you guys get to imagine the rest.

Her sister is just the opposite. A sleeping bag she is. Her day starts at 11 PM in Ramadhan; yeahh, she's that laid back. So whenever I go out with her, I need my whole strength just to lift my poor sleepy eyelids.

Sexygoba, you're a sweetheart! Thanks for the talks, and the night at the khor. The kabab was delish. We should go out for some real crepes next time when you're back from your trip! You're missed already! ;/

They say Bahrain's small, but I say Dubai's way smaller. In the four weeks I spent there, I've coincedently bumped into a former college friend, a high school classmate and shockingly my ex...

The day I rented the car, was the day I got lost for 2 hours in Dubai's compacted roads. Roaming around like an idiot, honking at drivers to tell me which way's the right way, I even arrived an hour late to work. So much for an excellent first impression.

But now, touch on wood, touch on wood, I'm the next bint batutta. ;D

I Don't Trust Myself

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Saturday, September 30, 2006


At the airport waiting..

Starting a new job on Sunday, and that requires me to work in Dubai for some time before being deployed back here.

Now, I can't get that dry chuckle out of my throat picturing this: being stuck together for 25 years, I can't picture myself kissing nonnah goodbye. I've never done that in my life. We've laughed together, travelled together, studied together, telepathied together the same naughty thoughts. I'm being sentimental here. But that's something. I'm going to miss her usual blunt self!

You know what I remembered? When we're 6 years old helping Baba build that tree house. Being a naughty lil girl as I was, I picked up a hammer to nail a log. Instead of hammering the log I hammered one of my toes. In spite of all this, dad carried one of us to the emergency room. Turns out he carried the wrong twin. Talk about a time of misconception. HEHEHE.

You know what I remember too when we're kids? Mama mistakingly bathing me twice in one day. nonnah banonna rotted.

I love the 80's.

Enough with the nostalgia.

Why a sudden vision of intimidating skyscrapers is rushing into my presence?
I've never been a city girl.

But life's all about exploration eh?

They're calling my flight .. I should go .. c ya.

Monday, September 18, 2006


A friend of mine tested me on this. One of my answers implied I get so happy when I tease people. Not good at all.

But it also says the credibility of this test ranges between 30 - 70%. So it's quite off. And I might be safe pretending to be on the 30% range.

Try your hands on it. Whatever comes first in your mind is probably going to be your answer. No thinking deep.

Imagine yourself in a forest.

1. While passing through, two animals appear out of no where. What are they?

2. After finding the animals, you walk in further more and find yourself in front of a cottage.
a) Will you forget about stepping in and just continue into the wilderness?

b) Knock on the door?
c) Or Enter without knocking?

** if you answered 2“a”, skip to Q 6. Don't answer 3-5**

3. When entering you see a table. Is it a circle or a square table?

4. How many chair/s do you see at the table?

5. You see 20 unlit candles on it. How many candles will you light?

6. You exit the cottage and walk a little further and end up near a lake. How many flamingoe/s is/are bathing in it?

7. You walk further more, and you stop by a river bank. You need to be on the other side of the river. So will you
a) swim to cross it?
b) Or find an alternative way to walk around it?

Want to know my answers?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Two hours ago I was dragged in a soccer game with my younger siblings and cousins. I didn't mind the challenged soapy field. I thought I would only slip once or twice. I get to boast my historic skills! Show me what you got boys and girls!

So the minute we landed on that soapy field, I see a couple of my cousins fall on their buttocks. Ha! I never had fan like that in a long time. My presumtions were not what they were. I was wrong. Not only I slipped a couple of times, but I kept landing on my left side of my body whenever I laughed at someone's fall. It did get me no where.

"What happened to your big talk"?
"Urghh, I'm a little rusty .. oldd"

Came up with another idea. Who can slide the furthest to the other end of the soap field. I was before last. Bummer. my male cousins are sticks; they flew.

Those teenagers definitely brought back some old memories and most definitly my kid inside me ha!

"Want to do that again next week"?
"Please please please" .. That was my answer two hours ago.

If they ask me right NOW, my answer will be "NOOOOO please"

I thought I wouldn't get any cramps. But my tushy hurts, I'm bruised all over, and every single muscle in my body aches while I'm on bed typing this.

Off topic, I'm getting used to the new weekend here. Believe me you it makes such a difference.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Let me share...

What made me get into blogging the first place I wonder? I recall the many essays that I have written back in High School. Well most of them were handed back with red remarks such as "Unfocused", "Idea is scattered all around the place", "Needs redrafting". I had problems with writing skills, I guess that's why I tried to major in a field as far away from literature, or any major that needed excessive writing. And I succeeded. But I wanted to try writing again. The only way into it is starting a diary or a weekly journal. was the answer.

I don't think there's a person in the world who detests packing more than me. I can't describe how much I hate folding my clothes neatly and gracefully carry it over to the luggage. My only way escaping this, is having an unpacked luggage until the day of the trip, and that by the way drives nonnah crazy. So this manipulation in fact works. In the end I'm the happy woman who oversees the packing process in which nonnah becomes the packer.

I'm a fan of short/shoulder length hair. I try to keep mine this way. Hint, that's the only easy way to distinguish between me and nonnah.

I started designing an art room a while ago. I think that's gone to waste, because it'll be easier on me to use a spare garage. It'll need a little bit of tweaking - some service cables to place an electric pottery wheel and a kiln, some plumbing for a sink basin, erect a window, and some paint. It'll be all good. That's a nice change. My brother "promised" me to help. He's up for it as long as I give him half of the room for his new born artistic talent.

I'll be out of the country in a couple of days. Don't miss me much. I'll be coming back with splendid photos. I promise. Take care. Salam. ;*

Sunday, July 23, 2006


10:45pm on a week day. Waiting outside to pick my 17 year old sister from a friend's house since I'm already out.

sis: "That's a shocker. You're out late on a week day. I thought you're a sleeping bag".
me: "Was on a date baby".
sis: "Ma9adgich".
me: "lat9adgeeny 7abooba".
sis: "Seriously?!"
me: "Seriously".
sis: "With whom?! You on a date? Hahaha. You're too goody goody".
me: "With an old dear friend of mine. It's just for coffee. And for old time's sake. And I'm not too goody goody thank you very much".
sis: "Cool. As long as he's funny".


I need to write a resignation letter. I have no idea how to write a resignation letter. My boss is so sweet, if I write one that would be too insulting? I still haven't told him about leaving the government sector. I don't know how to bring it up. I need to bring it up, before sending the resignation letter. So how do I write one? I'm being repetitive. Hmmmm. Google.

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